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Regulations of Drawnik harbour usage

1. The territory of "Drawnik" Harbour may be used by all visitors to Drawa National Park.

2. Tours may stay at Drawa National Park exclusively under supervision of a DNP guide or of a teacher.    

3. Stay in the building of "Drawnik" Harbour is free of charge from dawn till dusk. During the night the charge shall be imposed as for a stay in the territory of the camping site.

4. The building of "Drawnik" Harbour may be temporarily rented upon the consent of the DNP Director.

5. The charge shall be imposed for the following:

  • stay in the territory of the camping site,
  • pitching a tent,
  • parking of a car, motorcycle, lorry and coach,
  • rental of the building.

6. Persons staying in the territory of "Drawnik" are obliged to maintain cleanliness. Rubbish visible in the surroundings of any visitor shall be treated as produced by the visitor. Damaging and littering in the building is subject to mandatory fine.

7. The Park Guard and Park Services are authorised to inspect the building at any time. Persons staying in "Drawnik" Harbour are obliged to present suitable documents upon every request of the above-mentioned services.


of Drawa National Park



Annex no. 1 to Directive no. 0100-19/2012 of the DNP Director