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Moczel Lake

Not a large lake, but very ecologically interesting, located in a gully called Rynna Moczelska, nearby the Moczele settlement. It’s small (3,99ha) and shallow (only 1,5m in depth). It is surrounded by beautiful forests of beech representing a fertile kind of Pomeranian beech woods with melic grass. The lake itself is located within the DNP borders. Its waters are fertile, and their translucency goes 1,30 in, so that light practically reaches all the way to the bottom. The lake is significantly (more than anywhere in the region) overgrown with water-soldier. With that we have red rushes richly lined with mud shield fern. Near the rushes and water-soldier very frequently grow floating insectivores. In the middle part the rushes turn into morasses with peatbog vegetation. Further from the lake we have alder-lined marshes. In some places, especially on the eastern edge, some well-heads have developed. Some fragments of the alder forests here are considered the best developed and preserved in the entire Park. This charming and wild lake, surrounded by handsome woods is one of the most interesting elements in these parts of the Park. 5 species of fish appear here: sunbleak, tench, perch, pike, and crucian river bream.