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Korytnica river

A large left-bank tributary of Drawa, 37km long. The river starts near Mirosławiec, runs thru a large lake Nowa Korytnica, and flows into Drawa near the Bogdanka settlement. The entire river valley has an unusually picturesque character. Typical here are old pines of an interesting sort. In the wilderness stretch the woods come close to the river banks, however they were in places completely cut down.

The most beautiful old standing timber and vast meadows by the river are to be found south of Nowa Korytnica. They constitute for a range called Sołtysi Most. Korytnica brings to Drawa 2m³ of water per second on average. Its flow is rather stable. The water level varies only by about 15cm throughout the year. Trout and greyling can be fund in this river, though the most popular are roach, dace, chub, and minnow.

A white-tailed eagle often appears over Korytnica. Mallards, goldeneyes, and kingfishers are numerous in the river’s overflow near the Jaźwiny settlement. It’s a regular winter place of abode to the swans. The river has been mentioned in a document dating to 1314 as “Kortenicz Wlit, Kortenic Wlit”. A green tourist trail runs along this river from Bogdanka to Nowa Korytnica. A 180km long stretch of River Korytnica remains within the DNP borders (from the bridge on the Drawno – Głusko road to its estuary. It is accessible as a canoeing trail