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Lake Pecnik Mały

Aso known as Piaseczno Małe, this lake has total area of 9,68ha and maximum depth of 7m. It’s located north-east of Pustelnia. It fills a no-outlet land depression that came into being around 10 thousand years ago as a dead glacier melted itself. The lake has a very picturesque layout among pine-woods with the best blueberries in the region. East of the lake stretches a forest with some natural pine re-growth – a big success of the forestry art.

This very picturesque lake is evolving into a distrophic one. It’s a natural process caused by the presence of nearby pine forests. The water has very little calcium and phosphorus. Its average translucency reaches 3m deep, and its colour is brown. In the summer the bottom layers of water are completely devoid of oxygen. The impoverished fish fauna is dominated by roach, perch, and pike. The lake’s dark surface is contrasted by white water-lilies at the banks. The eastern and western edge developed some narrow rush patches of reeds and ferns, and they turn into mossy areas rich in peatbog species such as sundew and cranberry. They are accompanied by some wicker thickets with eared willow. A pocket of mossy peatbog with lots of mossy birch clings to that area from the southeast.

A small peninsula cuts into the lake’s northern side. It is one of the more picturesque spots in the area. There are remains of the embankment Wał Pomorski there – some trenches and two concrete bunkers. A narrow, wooded land strip runs between this lake and Lake Pecnik Duży. Pecnik Mały is visible from the Stargard Road and from a red trail going down to Pustelnia