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Sucha river

It’s a stream flowing out of Lake Radęcino and into River Drawa at its right bank, between Głusko and Osieczno. Its upper part is in a ditch, and the middle and lower parts have an almost natural character. It runs through some beautiful beech woods.

Small fish, such as stickeback and sunbleak, live in this stream. A white-tailed eagle can be often seen in these parts, as can be osprey, and a lesser spotted eagle.
From the 14th to 16th century this stream was the southern border of a forest belonging to the city of Choszczno, and its name was mentioned in proper documents. From Radachowo to the forester’s lodge in Suchów, the stream flows only periodically. Below there, it becomes a rapid brook. In the turn of the 19th century a strip of carp ponds was built at its estuary. They exist still and are called Paciorkowe. In the 19th century a mill stood there, called Suchowski Młyn. Sucha brings on to Drawa only about 25 liters of water per second. Only in its estuary Sucha lies within the DNP borders