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Runica river

This river, also known as Młynówka is a left-bank tributary of Płociczna. It is 16km long ad its area is 127km². Its source is near Strzalin. It runs through the lakes: Liptowskie, Zamkowe, and Tuczno. Its estuary (about 2km) is a part of the Drawa National Park’s border. On average, it carries about 0,5m³ of water per second. The flow is relatively steady throughout the year. The amplitude of water level changes reaches at the most 20cm.

Especially below Tuczno, the river has a well-head character: on its both sides there are leakages and exudations of underground waters with unique flora and plant communities. Intense leakages, for example, supply an overflow created by beaver-dam accumulations on the right bank, slightly east from the Park’s border. The lower stretch itself runs through a deep crevice-like valley overgrown with beech forests.

The river is home to trout, and the rare brown trout sprawn here. There are many places of the beaver’s habitat by the river’s estuary. The beavers tend to peel of huge amounts of bark from the beeches growing on the slopes. In the valley one can still see some scarce remains of the Pomorski Embankment: ruins of cement bunkers and trenches. Outside the Park borders this river is attractive to fishermen looking for brook trout and chub, as it is part of the so called “salmon country”. Within the Park borders this river is not accessible for fishing. The Runica valley is cut by two tourist trail: a blue one and a green one